King Kazma
King Kazma
Age 13
Current status Alive
Gender Male
Species Rabbit
Abilities Martial Arts
Eye color Crimson Red
Anime debut Summer Wars
Movie number Summer Wars
Voice Actor

King Kazma is the famed OZ avatar created by Kazuma Ikezawa from Mamoru Hosoda's well-recieved film, Summer Wars (サマーウォーズ Samā Wōzu (2009)). He is one of the main cyber-protagonists in the film.

Physical DescriptionEdit

King Kazma is a tall, anthropomorphic rabbit that is covered in white fur, except for his ears, which are tipped with dark brown markings. He wears a red vest and blue skinny jeans, and a pair of customized white shoes that boast his name on the tongue. A pair of gray goggles adorns the top of his head, and red-and-white fingerless gloves with two large bracelets cover his hands and wrists. A large golden belt (known as the "King's Belt") inlaid with round blue stones wraps around his waist, a special and rare accessory he managed to win at OZ's Martial Arts Championship. 

Kazma has another form that makes him appear younger, and more in the likeness of his "player", Kazuma Ikezawa. In his second form, he is nearly identical to the first, except that he sports long, shaggy yellow hair on his head instead of white fur. His clothing changes slightly, as gray sweatpants with a dark gray cloth belt replace his skinny jeans, he loses his shoes and is barefoot and also his golden belt. His goggles are worn around his neck instead of sitting atop his head.


Highly renowned for his mastery of martial arts fighting, this undisputed champion is ranked as one of OZ's top most popular, and strongest avatars to ever come into existence. With 18 official corporate sponsors, he's become a world-class super player of fighting games, well known throughout all of OZ. 

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King Kazma (2nd form) displays some of his fighting technique while battling Love Machine.

Staying true to his rabbit form, Kazma has long legs that enable him to run at great speeds, and allow him to deliver some very powerful kicks that are usually enough to knock out most opponents, or send them flying. He is very agile, which allows him to easily evade almost all enemy attacks, or obstacles, making it easier for him to defeat opponents many times his own size. His reaction timing is excellent, again, contributing to dodging or blocking many attacks thrown at him. His punches are swift and precise, rarely missing their mark, though they are not as powerful (or as favored) as his kicks. His strength seems to not only be in his legs, as he is apparently capable of punching steel armor and breaking it.

King Kazma also has the ability to fly, but this is a default trait that is given to all OZ avatars.



"Sucker-punches Love Machine into databits."